“Emerging communities in networks - a flow of friendly ties” – Krzysztof Kulakowski

Who We are

We at Emconet are a voluntary organization that aims in helping migrants in their living in the UK and resolve all the issues being faced through the expert staff

How We Work?

We provide extensive support to the needy migrants in various aspects such as language, different skills, mental health and immigration status.

Our values

we at Emconet are extremely dedicated to help the migrants with all the matters they might come across. We understand all the hardships they face as all our staff are former migrants too.

What we do

We help the migrants in any of the aspects they might require help. From the very basic factors such as computer skills and language barrier to the quick process of immigration. 

Community Projects

Our staff at Emconet is committed to serve its clients in every way possible. We provide a variety of welfare benefits that help migrant in all situations. We help individuals with medical and social specialists, from booking appointments to accessing further services. From housing to teaching language and skills. Even helping them with EU settlement.

Eastern European Settlement Scheme alongwith partners Brushstrokes Community Project, Right and Equality, European welfare Association and Ileys Communities Association were able to generate $9,340 to Emconet for one EUSS worker for 12 hours employment.

We also help individuals in finding jobs and making this process easier. Many migrants find it extremely difficult to find a good job as there is language barrier and lack of computer skills, we help to overcome this. Not only the skills, we also conduct different employment sessions from the experts that help to make an effective CV and prepare for the interview. Additionally, we also provide employment support through different training programs. 

Emconet being the charity community, has made this foremost priority to provide food support to people who are unable to find it for themselves.

Food is a basic necessity for everyone, in 2018, through Rasa Case study we came to know how this lady was facing health issues and special food supply was at its worst. One of our worker reached out to this lady and provided her with best of medication at the moment.

When shifting from one place to another, many people face mental health issues that lead to bigger problems for them. For this, expert mental health counselors are focused on giving individual and group therapy sessions that help migrants to step out of the state of mental health deterioration they might be going through and spend lives in a better way.